Feminine, ethical and unique
From loose printed Kimono’s and Dresses with flair, to hair accessories, this sustainable collection provides a casual and relaxed aesthetic, yet an ultra-sophisticated look. The well balanced silhouettes with focus on details and the perfect fit makes the collection suitable for everyday, celebration and a holistic lifestyle


The collections are all made of vintage saris form India. A country rich of mystery, beautiful culture and mesmerizing stories. The sari is still the most worn piece of clothing in India, and it has managed to keep up with changes in culture throughout the time. With the Indian sari as the foundation of everything they do, they put great value in up-cycling and reusing this traditional garments.

Buying the clothes is supporting a sustainable, vibrant future for the fashion industry and the world. Each piece tells the story of the Indian heritage and the amazing women, all dressed in their traditional vibrant silk saris

“They combine tradition and great culture, beautiful colors and patterns with a modern, nordic look.”